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Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle

September 13th, 2013

Palo Duro Canyon in Texas
Palo Duro, the second largest canyon in the great United States of America, is much smaller than the well-known Grand Canyon, but it is still impressive. At Palo Duro, you can stand on a huge white rock and let the wind blow off the canyon, into your hair. You can walk trails that take you to a small cabin, built into a hill. You can see deer, friendly turkeys, and perhaps sheep.

The wind blows up the canyon, and at night, you may think your little rim cabin is being inundated with rain, lightning, and thunder. Then, you peer outside and see that everything is dry, and there is no thunder or lightning. It is the wind, whipping up the canyon and into the crevices of the rock cabin.

This print is from an oil painting of a hillside in the canyon. Palo Duro is located about 20 miles south of Amarillo, Texas.

Modern American Ruins in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana

February 14th, 2013

Art Prints

This haunting perspective is the back portion of a building that once housed the store of a kindly man and his wife. At least one of their children, a beautiful young girl, helped the man in the store. The kindly man, who was very entrepreneurial, opened a theater in the back of the building, and the young daughter took the tickets at the door. The young girl grew up, married twice, and had 5 children of her own. The kindly man moved his store to a new building about two miles away, in the country. He called the new store "The Green Door." In 1961, he went home to the Lord.

Meanwhile, the original building (the one in this painting) changed tenants a few times, and gradually grew older. It deteriorated, and now it is only a shell, albeit an attractive one to the eyes of an artist. It is especially attractive to an artist who is a granddaughter of the kindly man, and a daughter of the beautiful young girl. I can see in my mind the little girl and her daddy, taking care of the store and walking in and out of this door.

About the art itself: This hand painted artwork is an acrylic painting of a portion of the ruins of a brick building on Main Street in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. A landscape can be seen through the door and window. The original is 9x12 inches on stretched canvas. The main colors are orange, green, gray, and white. There are hints of other colors in the shadows, such as blue and brown. Click on the picture to see options to purchase.

Finn Hotel of Pleasant Hill Louisiana Was a Labor of Love

February 8th, 2013

Photography Prints

I remember the old hotel as a gray building with no paint. As a child, I once went into the building with my grandmother, who was visiting a friend or relative who lived there. When, in recent months, I learned how the hotel looked when it was young, I was fascinated. It seemed that I was viewing another world. I felt a sense of sadness and loss, yet was thrilled to see Finn Hotel as she was meant to be. At the time of this old photograph, it was probably known by an earlier name.

For months, I thought about painting the hotel. I finally took the plunge, and called it a labor of love. I have received compliments on the painting, but I would be remiss without mentioning the unknown craftsmen and carpenters who brought her into existence. She was quite a beautiful building.